Mark Allen, PhD
EnaChip, Inc. and University of Pennsylvania
Gilad Arwatz, PhD
Instrumems, Inc.
Michael Burychka
IP Group, Inc.
Randy Castleman
SRF Management
Simon Crowther
Yamaha Motor Ventures
Jason Derenick, PhD
Exyn Technologies, Inc.
Heiner Dreismann, PhD
Roche Molecular Systems
Nader Elm
Exyn Technologies
John Fijol, PhD
IP Group, Inc.
Nena Golubovic
IP Group, Inc.
Sven Harmsen, PhD
Saint Gobain Ventures
Shahram Hejazi, PhD
Optimeos Life Sciences, Inc.
Orin Herskowitz
Columbia University & Columbia Technology Ventures
Ted Hirose
Tel Venture Capital
Steven Kelly
CARISMA Therapeutics
Vijay Kumar, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
David Parke
EVOLUTION Life Science Partners
Craig Schortzmann
Stonyrock Partners
Melissa Sherman, PhD
MOBILion Systems, Inc.
Jason Smith, PhD
IP Group, Inc.
Althea Stillman
IP Group, Inc.
Tad Weems
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Ben Williams
Exyn Technologies

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