Nena Golubovic

Director, Physical Sciences

IP Group, Inc.

Nena joined IP Group in 2014, and currently oversees the Physical Sciences sector in North America. As part of the senior management team, Nena works on a variety of early-stage investments, transitioning IP Group’s Partner research from the labs to the marketplace.

Nena has extensive experience developing and commercializing cutting edge micro-technology products for automotive, consumer and medtech industries. She spent her 20-year career in medium public, private and small start-up environments. Nena served as Vice President of Medical Products at Apogee Technologies where she led the commercialization of micro-structured transdermal systems for drug delivery. Prior to that, she was Director of New Product Development at Standard MEMS where she led commercialization and manufacturing scale-up of the world’s first MEMS microphone. She collaborated with Xerox, Lexmark, Kavlico, Becton Dickinson and the likes in developing uniquely differentiated, micro-technology enabled, new product generations for applications across different market segments. Nena was involved in various product development, go-to-market and management roles with several early-stage start-up companies commercializing university technologies.

Nena holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Belgrade.

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