Patrick Callahan



Patrick Callahan is the founder of CompassRed Data Labs in Wilmington Delaware and Philadelphia. He is also an attorney who has practiced in multiple capacities. CompassRed is a data science and analytics company made up of data scientists tackling some of the world’s most fascinating problems on behalf of their global clients such as DuPont, Gore, Wawa, and many others. He is an ambassador for CompassRed’s external partnerships, representing the company’s vital, core interests as it engages client business opportunities. He ensures that CompassRed’s data analytics and data science culture is made up of the most curious and brightest minds, from former scientists and engineers to seasoned corporate strategists. With 20+ years of big agency and enterprise experience, Patrick works to ensure the team understands their clients’ data, uses that data to make predictions, and that the team delivers the recommendations on what steps to take next.

Evidenced by his involvement in developing the region’s community of data scientists through the “Philadelphia Data Jawn”, Patrick devotes his time to making sure that we educate our team, our clients, and the community on the art of the possible as it relates to customer analytics and data science.

He is the Organizer of Social Media Data and Analytics Groups in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Boston, London, Berlin, and Paris. He is also the co-founder of The Data Lab podcast, and co-author of “Engage Your Brand: How smart companies are using Social Media to Drive their Business Forward”. Patrick resides with his wife and two children in Centreville, Delaware.

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