Tad Weems

Managing Director, Early Stage Partnerships

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Tad is Managing Director of Agilent’s Early Stage Partnership program. Agilent’s program engages with and/or invests in young life science companies where there is mutual strategic interest. These partnerships focus on examining ways to advance the early-stage company and their technology to key inflection points. As part of these relationships, the partnership team members not only work closely with our partner companies to resolve issues and concerns but also serve as a liaison between experts at Agilent and our partners to help avoid some of the pitfalls that young companies face.

Prior to joining Agilent, Tad co-founded two companies as well as working in both venture capital and petrochemical industries. He serves on multiple Boards of Directors, is a Professional Engineer; holds multiple patents and degrees from Wharton, UT Austin, and UC Berkeley.

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